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Give 'Em Hell, Kid.

Kiss the Rain

I wouldn't front the scene if you paid me

Bob (favorite)

So give me all your poison, and give me all your pills. And give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill.You're running after something that you'll never kill. If this is what you want, then fire at will.

Kiss the Rain

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Bob (favorite)
Title: Kiss the Rain [Standalone]
Pairing: Frank Iero/Bob Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third
Summary: Set post-Matt Pelissier, but before Bob is officially part of the band. The van has run out of gas (again) and Frank has to find a way to keep themselves occupied.
Disclaimer: This is unfortunately a work of fiction.
Author Notes: My fic title belongs to Billie Myers, and her song of the same name. :)

Kiss the Rain


Receiving no answer except for the steady hum of Frank's breathing, Bob tries again. "Frank!" he hisses loudly, as he watches the tiny guitarist nearly jump out of his multicolored skin. Okay, he didn't mean to scare the kid, but Frank can easily sleep for days.

"Sorry man, I hate to wake you up," Bob says, speaking softly against Frank's ear. "but we've run out of gas," he finishes, as Frank groans and rolls over to meet his friend's eyes.

"Fuck. Not again," Frank laughs, as he hauls himself upright. Fuck it's hot, he realizes, as he mops the sweat from his forehead.

"'Fraid so, my man. Brian's outside on the phone with Triple A," Bob confirms, handing Frank an icy beer from their cooler. Well, at least there is plenty of that. There is also a full bottle of spiced rum underneath Frank's seat, which is a blessing. If they have to be stuck, at least they will be properly intoxicated.

"Thanks," Frank mumbles, accepting the beer with a smile. "Y'know, I'm starting to think there's a leak in the tank or something; we filled up like two hours ago, and on a full tank, we should be able to make it four, at least," he adds, taking a long swig from the beer.

"Great minds," Bob grins, pulling out a beer for himself and climbing into the driver's seat next to Frank. "Now, will you please tell Schechter that? Because no one seems to want to listen to the lowly techie," Bob scoffs as he shifts in the seat so that he's facing Frank.

"Dude. You're not a lowly techie; you're our friend. You're fucking saving our asses, man." Frank's smile is genuine as he opens a pack of cigarettes and tosses one to Bob. "I know you're more of a behind-the-scenes kinda guy, but seriously, we appreciate this so much," he finishes, leaning over to light Bob's cigarette with the tip of his own.

"Thanks, man." Bob is blushing; he's terrible at accepting compliments, but he secretly loves receiving them.

"So where the hell is everyone?" Frank asks, while turning to survey the empty van.

"Brian is out there somewhere on the phone, or at least he was," Bob says, looking out the window and finding no sign of their manager. "And the others are down there," he points to a seedy-looking motel, just a couple of blocks down the hill.

"Why didn't you go with them?" Frank asks curiously, as he drains the last of his beer. Wow, he was thirstier than he realized. He's also even warmer now, but there's a pleasant buzz curling in his belly.

"I was waiting for you to wake up, lazy ass," Bob smirks, and reaches out to tousle Frank's damp hair.

"You woke me up! And scared the shit out of me, I might add," Frank says, while shooting Bob an exasperated glare. His voice comes out a lot squeakier than usual, which it tends to do when Frank's defenses are up.

"I got tired of waiting," Bob shrugs, taking another drag from the offered cigarette, and blowing a perfect set of smoke rings in Frank's direction.

"A real charmer you are," Frank teases, rolling his eyes dramatically for effect.

"I like to think so." Bob's smile is bright, and his eyes, Frank notices, are the most brilliant shade of aqua in late afternoon sunlight.

"So what now?" Frank asks, just as Brian pokes his head inside the window.

"We're stuck here for the night, that's what. Especially since the gas station in this piece of shit town closed an hour ago. A tow truck is on it's way though, and they can provide us with enough gas to get it to the station tomorrow," Brian informs them, while plucking Frank's cigarette from his hand, and taking a much needed drag.

"Keep it, man," Frank says, when Brian tries to hand it back. "I've got a full pack."

"Thanks; what a fucking day huh?"

"Hey Schechter," Bob pipes up, his fingers fidgeting in his lap as he speaks. "I think we might have a leak in the gas tank. We just filled up about two hours ago, so we shouldn't be out already," he finishes, while looking up and catching Frank's smile.

"Shit, you might be right; I didn't even think about that," Brian nods, as a large tow truck materializes beside them. "Okay you two, head down to the motel, and I'll be along later; you're both bunking together in room 114, with Mikey. Gerard and Toro are in 115 with Worm, and I've got 116," he says, while handing over their room key.

"How come you get your own room?" Frank whines, though he accepts the key happily, before reaching under the seat to collect the bottle of rum.

"I'm paying."


"Looks like we're sharing, kid; scoot over," Bob grins at Mikey, as he watches Frank spread out on the only other available bed. The hotel is a total dive, but it's got air conditioning, so Bob counts that as a win.

"The hell you say!" Mikey chirps, while playfully smacking Bob with a pillow, and moving back quickly before he becomes the victim of retaliation. "I had to drag both of your suitcases down that fucking hill while you two were busy making out, or doing whatever it is that you to do when you're alone together," Mikey protests, as Bob's face pales. "So I think I deserve my own bed, thankyouverymuch," he finishes, as he sits up and reaches for the TV remote.

"Aw, are you too old for sleep overs now," Bob teases, while reaching out to snatch the remote from Mikey's hands.

"When I have to carry your two-ton cases of crap down a hill? Fuck yes!" he laughs, while looking over at Frank, who seems to be in his own personal Nirvana. Being the exhibitionist that he is, Frank's already got his shirt off, and he's stripped down to just his boxers.

An unexpected lump forms in Bob's throat suddenly, but he manages to swallow it. "You okay over there buddy? You want me to go get you a bottle of water or something?" Bob asks Frank sweetly, as he searches his pockets for spare change for the vending machine. Surely this place has to have a vending machine, right?

"Nah, I'm fine," Frank promises, as he stretches out lengthwise. "Just fucking hot."

"We know," Mikey winks, which for some unknown reason, makes Bob scowl. It's not like he's never seen them flirt before, and Bob is pretty sure they used to be fuck buddies at some point. But really? He has no desire to think about any of it.

"Fuck you." Frank flips him off affectionately, as he turns over to face them both. Bob has a tough time tearing his eyes away from Frank's semi-naked body, but he finally manages.

"You got it! Switch places with Bob then." Mikey is on a roll, and Bob is thisclose to possibly killing him. He can't quite figure out why his stomach is suddenly fluttering the way it is, but he's pretty sure he doesn't want to investigate that too much. Oh, hi? Because you're kinda in love with Frank? his subconscious supplies, to which Bob scowls further, and reaches for the rum.

"Bring it, Way," Frank hisses lewdly, while spreading his legs and ungracefully grabbing his dick.

Oh God; now Bob feels a little nauseous. "Can you two please keep it in your pants for the night?" he snaps, while taking a quick chug from the bottle he's holding.

"But what fun is that?" Frank snickers, as he gets up and dives between his friends on the tiny motel bed. "Share, bitch," he adds, while grabbing for the rum before Bob can go for seconds.

"So where is everyone else?" Bob asks, while observing the way Frank's mouth glistens after he's pulled the bottle from his lips. The same bottle that Bob just had pressed to his own lips. Fuck, they practically just made out. Well, in a manner of speaking, since Bob is pretty sure he slobbered all over the bottle. Whatever the fuck he's feeling right now, it needs to go the hell away. Bob can't handle this shit; not right now. And especially since he's not entirely sure that Frank and Mikey won't fuck each other's brains out when they think Bob is asleep. His stomach lurches at the thought, but thankfully the numbing effects of the alcohol will kick in soon.

"Gerard and Worm are passed out, and Toro is reading Harry Potter; don't expect to see him for a while," Mikey says, while reaching out to pat Bob's thigh.

At the mention of Ray, their fluffy-haired guitarist suddenly pokes his head into the room, and offers everyone a bubbly grin. "I'm going on a coffee run, anyone wanna come with?" he asks, while perching just inside the doorway.

"Coffee?" Mikey hops off the bed so fast, that the motion causes Frank to roll off as well.

"Thanks asshole; I wasn't comfortable or anything," Frank hisses from the floor, as Bob reaches down to pull him back up.

"Sorry!" Mikey's smile is apologetic, though he wastes no time pulling on his sneakers, and appearing by Ray's side. "I'm in!"

"Traitor," Frank sticks his tongue out at him, and tosses one of the spare pillows in Mikey's direction.

"Where the hell are you gonna get coffee from anyway?" Bob asks, his curiosity piqued since he can't remember seeing anything that even closely resembled a coffee shop. Much less an actual Starbucks.

"The diner down the block," Ray informs him, while pushing back the massive curtain of his sweaty hair. If he's lucky, they'll also have curly fries.

Frank makes a disgusted face. "May the force be with you," he jokes, making the sign of the cross in Ray's direction as he lets out a breathy laugh. "That place looked pretty fucking scary."

"Coffee is coffee, man. Even if it's bad, it's still pretty good," Mikey reasons, as he grabs his wallet and stuffs it into his insanely tight jeans. Spoken like a true addict. "You two want anything?"

Bob shakes his head, and steals the bottle of rum back from Frank. Taking another swallow, he then props himself up against the headboard, and hopes that he'll pass out soon.

"Coke, and lots of it," Frank answers promptly, while stretching out to make himself more comfortable. "I doubt the coffee will be any good, so Bob and I will just hang here with the Captain," he adds, while nudging Bob's foot with his own.

"Cool. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Mikey smirks, as he flashes them a dazzling smile.

"That doesn't leave a very big margin," Bob points out, and Frank dissolves into a fit of giggles.


"You are what you eat! Now get the fuck out; you're letting all the heat in," Frank shouts, as Mikey flips him off, and follows Ray out the door.

"Remind me, why do we keep him around?" Bob jokes, as Frank rolls onto his back.

"We're all shit at bass?" Frank offers, and then laughs like it might be the funniest thing he's ever heard.

"True enough," Bob concurs, and takes another swig of rum. He's already starting to feel a nice buzz, and he's not ready for it to wear off just yet. "So where the hell are we exactly?" he asks, as he sits up to peel off his soaked T-shirt. Usually he's fairly self conscious about his body, but right now he's too sweaty to care.

"The fuck if I know," Frank says, as his eyes fall upon Bob's pale chest. "But it reminds me of a fucking ghost town," he adds, before averting his eyes. Frank has always liked how Bob looks, even though he knows Bob is way too self-deprecative for his own good. Bob is solid, and Frank loves that. The few times they've shared a bunk together, or when Frank's fallen asleep on him in the van, Bob has always let Frank curl up with him. However, if anyone else tried that, they'd end up with a black eye.

"That's a pretty accurate description," Bob nods, as he gets up to locate a dry T-shirt. "Population: Us." Next, he strips off his jeans and is infinitely grateful that he's wearing his least embarrassing pair of boxers.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Frank is slurring a bit now, as he watches Bob rifle through his clothes.

"Well, I thought I'd put another shirt on so I don't blind you," Bob shoots back, as he selects his favorite from the pile.

"Don't," Frank says seriously, as he reaches out, and yanks the shirt from Bob's hands. "C'mere," he adds, patting the empty space next to him on the bed. "I think you look good without it," he smiles, and Bob can feel his entire body flush hotly.

"Thanks." Bob knows his face must be as red as a tomato, but he can't help it. Returning to the bed, he plops down next to Frank, and reaches for the rum again. He feels like they might finally be on the verge of something, though he's not sure what. However, he is sure that he's going to need some more liquid encouragement to get him through whatever that might be. Uncapping the bottle once again, he takes a quick shot as he catches Frank's eyes roaming over his body. Unfortunately for him, this unexpected discovery causes him to swallow wrong, and he ends up sputtering.

"Whoa, are you okay, man?" Frank asks, as he reaches out to rub Bob's back. At first, it's just a couple of firm pats, but once Bob's breathing regulates, he realizes that Frank's hand is still on his back, rubbing lightly; it feels good. Suddenly, Bob's whole body is warming even further, but not from the heat. There is a familiar burn in his belly where the rum has settled, and a fluttering in his heart which results solely from Frank's touch.

"Y-yeah, I'm okay; I just swallowed wrong," Bob stammers, as he takes a deep breath.

"Say that often?" Frank cackles, his eyebrows arching up as Bob gives him a playful shove.

"Watch it, Iero; you don't want to get on my bad side," Bob warns, as he flashes Frank what he hopes is an evil glare.

"Are you supposed to be threatening?" Frank's eyebrows arch even higher, as he pulls back and settles against the pillows.

"I was trying to be, but I think I failed," Bob laughs, his whole face breaking out in a radiant grin, as he bends to retrieve his pack of cigarettes from the floor.

"Spectacularly," Frank agrees, while leaning over to slap Bob's ass.


"Ooh, is that a request?" Frank winks, as he reaches out to trail a hand up Bob's thigh.

"You wish." Bob playfully knocks Frank's hand away, and then scoots up a bit to settle next to him.

They remain silent for a minute or two, both seemingly lost in their own thoughts, before Frank pipes up. "Does this place have a pool?"

Bob deflates a little; the moment that he hoped they might be having, is definitely gone now. "I highly doubt it, but even if it did, would you actually want to swim in it?" he asks, shuddering for good measure. "Besides," he adds, while pointing out the grimy window, "it's going to pour any minute now."

Sure enough, the sky had darkened considerably in the hour since they left the van.

"Oh thank God." Frank's smile lights up his entire face, and Bob wishes he could preserve the moment forever. "I love the rain!" Frank is practically vibrating, as the first drops begin to fall. He can't exactly see them since visibility is obscured by the dark film coating the window, but he hears them. Soft at first, and then louder, as the rain beats relentlessly against the roof.

"I love it too," Bob says distantly, which makes Frank wonder what he's thinking about.

"Yeah?" Frank's face glows again at Bob's confession.

Slowly, Bob nods as he watches Frank jump to his feet.

"Come on, then," Frank bounces, while reaching out and offering Bob a hand. "Let's go for a walk."

"What?" Bob asks, somewhat confused, though he takes Frank's hand, and allows himself to be yanked to his feet.

"Take a walk with me," Frank repeats, as he slips the plastic hotel key into the pocket of his boxers.

"Yo, I'm pretty toasted, and so are you," Bob observes, noting the way Frank sways in an effort to keep his balance.

"So? It's not like we're going to drown or anything. Besides, we're both hot and sticky, and it's going to feel so good out there," Frank purrs, as he loops his arm in Bob's, and pulls him towards the door. "Come on!"

Frank has a point; he does, although now Bob's stomach is somersaulting at the thought of watching the rain sluicing down Frank's perfect body. "Okay, I'm sold," he smiles, and let's Frank drag him outside.


By the time they make it out front, the sun has already set and the rain is falling steadily. They really are in the middle of fucking nowhere, so neither of them are too worried about being recognized.

"Oh my God," Frank moans, as he spreads his arms wide, and lets the rain soothe his tired muscles. They've been on the road for days, and Frank's body is rebelling against him. They can't always afford luxuries, so most of the time they wind up sleeping in the van. "This is fucking orgasmic." He doesn't mean it literally, except now that Bob is staring at him the way he is, Frank can feel himself getting hard. His wet boxers aren't going to keep his secret for very much longer, but he figures he'll deal with that when he absolutely has to.

"I'm glad you talked me into this," Bob smiles, as he wiggles his toes in the wet grass. He wants to say more, but he's terrible at expressing himself. That's one of the reasons why he's always been grateful that Frank's such a talker; he can babble for hours on end about absolutely anything, and Bob is happy to listen. Frank can take even the most boring of subjects and find a way to make them interesting.

"See? I told you it'd be awesome," Frank grins back, while appearing at Bob's side, and nudging him towards a nearby bench. Sitting. Sitting is good, Frank thinks as he pulls Bob along. His dick is getting harder by the second, and the wet rub of his boxers is maddening.

"I thought you wanted to walk?" Bob looks confused as they make their way down the tiny path leading to the bench. He isn't, really; he's used to Frank's indecisiveness by now. Sometimes dealing with Frank is like baby-sitting a toddler, but Bob finds it oddly endearing.

"Nah, I'm kinda too drunk for that," Frank giggles, as he falls onto the bench and pulls Bob down with him. Touching. Touching is good, Frank thinks as he watches the rain drip from Bob's eyelashes. Could eyelashes be sexy? Frank isn't so sure, but if they can be, Bob has the sexiest eyelashes ever. He starts to tell Bob as much, but thankfully he's not that drunk.

"So we're gonna just sit out here?" Not that Bob has a problem with that, mind you. They could be cruising the Sahara Desert in the dead of August, and Bob wouldn't have a single complaint. As long as Frank was with him, of course.

"You got a better idea?" Frank challenges, as he eyes Bob seriously. He feels a chill run up his spine when their thighs brush, and he's actually surprised he hasn't jumped the man yet. Except, this is Bob, and Frank can't fuck that up. No matter how horny he is, and how much he wants to feel what strong those drummer hands are capable of. He has to wait this one out. Timing is everything, and patience (even though fuck, he hates clichés) is a virtue.

Oh, Bob has several good ideas, and not a single one of them involves any clothing. "Nah, this is cool with me. I was just wondering," he shrugs, while mentally berating himself for not coming up with anything better to say. He could flirt; he's not a terrible flirt, it's just that Frank really makes him nervous. Therefore, anything he does manage to say, just seems to come out all wrong. His tongue feels dry and swollen, and he's no doubt suffering from the beginning stages of alcohol dehydration, but he can deal.

"Okay," Frank nods, and twists so that he's now laying against Bob's chest. "I like this much better anyway. You're really soft," he adds, while reaching for Bob's arms and wrapping them around his own waist. Snuggling. Snuggling is good. It's a far cry from what Frank prefers to be doing, but he has to test the waters first. He's not too sure if Bob has ever been with a guy before, and that last thing he wants to do is scare him off.

Now Bob's throat seems to be drying up, but at least he's still breathing. (So far.) Locking his hands around Frank's waist, Bob gives the slightest of tugs and shifts him closer. Bob is shivering now, but not from cold. It's not like he and Frank have never been close before, but whenever Frank is drunk, he gets exceptionally cuddly. Bob has never minded, but they've also never been alone, either. Not like this. For some reason, it's not as awkward with other people around. Right now, this feels like a secret, and admittedly, it makes Bob's heart beat out a happy rhythm. Maybe Frank wants this as much as he does?

It's a startling (but welcome) revelation, and it makes Bob stupidly happy. He's got the boy of his dreams curled up warm and solid against his chest, and now Frank is rubbing his nose against the hollow of Bob's neck. Could it really be this easy?

"Comfy?" Bob asks, when he feels like he can speak without his voice cracking. The rain continues to fall at a steady pace as it slides down their bodies, and swirls around their muddy toes. It's perfect, Bob thinks. It's not too hard, or too drizzly, and it's blissfully warm, as he leans his head back to try and allow some of the confusion to be rinsed from his mind.

"Yeah," Frank nods, as he pulls back slightly and tips his face up. "You?" he asks Bob, and grins widely when Bob straightens up and gives him a smile that could probably melt diamonds. Frank loves the way the corners of Bob's eyes crinkle up when he smiles.

"Yeah, I'm good." Except that Bob is infinitely better than just good. He belatedly wishes he could convey that better, but now Frank is tracing wet patters against his thigh. Oh God.

"Bob?" Frank asks a moment later, as he reaches up and rubs at one of Bob's arms. He can feel Bob stiffen under his touch, and it makes his stomach convulse a bit.

"Hmmm?" Bob replies, while turning his head and nuzzzling Frank's cheek with his bristly chin.

"How come we don't do this more often?"

"Do what?" Bob asks, laughing lightly, as he brushes the wet hair from Frank's forehead. "Sit out in the rain?"

"No, dumbass," Frank groans affectionately as he shakes his head. "I mean ... us. Like, hang out and stuff. You know, together."

Frank suddenly feels exactly like he did his freshman year of high school, when he had a crush on pretty much the straightest guy in school. Except Bob isn't all that straight, or so Frank hopes, even though Bob has never actually admitted to liking cock. Frank has always had his suspicions though, and if ever there were a perfect time to be right, this is it.

Bob desperately wants to know what and stuff means, but he lets it go. "Frank, we're together all the time. I've been drumming with you guys for the past five shows, and you're always sleeping all over me in the van," Bob points out, though without a single trace of the annoyance that would normally be present, if he were talking to anyone other than Frank.

"You know what I mean," Frank shoots back, except no, Bob doesn't. "I mean, we should hang out more. Just us," Frank emphasizes again, as he reaches up and rubs Bob's cheek. This time, Bob thinks he just might get it, except that he doesn't want to jump to a very wrong conclusion.

"I'd like that." Bob fights to keep his voice even, but his heart is busy doing that fluttery thing again. "A lot," he hears himself adding, even before he's had a chance to properly consult this with his brain.

"I was hopping you'd would," Frank whispers, as he tilts his face and angles himself so that their lips just barely brush together. Bob's are softer than Frank would have imagined, and the icy metal of their lip rings sends a pleasant shock coursing through them both.

Yeah, okay. Bob definitely gets it now. Slowly, he untangles his arms from around Frank's waist, in favor of sliding him onto his lap. "I thought this might make it a little easier," he explains, as Frank gives him a thoroughly approving look.

"I like the way you think," Frank nods, as he wraps his arms around Bob's neck and kisses him deeply. He makes happy little humming noises when they connect, while Bob bravely runs a wet hand between his thighs. If Frank wasn't already hard, he definitely would be now, with the way Bob's fingers dance across his skin.

Bob's touch is light, but it's when his fingers slide under the waistband of his boxers, that Frank's dick pays close attention. Oh damn. "Bedroom?" Frank huffs breathlessly, while gripping the back of Bob's neck when they pull apart. Bob gives a quick nod of agreement, and gathers Frank up in his arms. Frank is unfortunately dead weight right now, so when Bob tries to stand (with Frank still in his lap) they topple over into the wet grass. Not Bob's proudest moment, but certainly not his worst.

"Bad idea," Bob chuckles against Frank's mouth as Frank takes this as an invitation to kiss him again. Harder this time, and it's enough to siphon the breath straight from Bob's lungs. The kiss is uncoordinated and slippery, but oh so good, as Frank grips Bob's shoulders, and slides up just enough so that their cocks rub together. It's amazing how the prospect of sex can be both intoxicating and sobering in equal amounts, depending on the situation. Right now the objective is to make it back to the hotel room, and Bob tries his best to focus on doing just that.

"Fuck ... nghhh, c'mon," he growls, as he manages to get them to their feet, and back across the expansive courtyard unscathed, even.

They barely make it inside the room before Frank has Bob pressed against the wall, and their boxers in a wet pile at their feet. He bites a blazing trail down Bob's slick chest, while snaking a hand between his legs and pressing hard. Bob hisses at the contact, and reaches down to trap Frank's hand. "Nnnnnngh ... please," he begs, as Frank's fingers begin a slow, insistent grind.

"I've wanted this for so fucking long," Frank slurs against Bob's mouth, while slowly licking his way inside again, and rolling their tongues together. As far as drunken kisses go, it rates right off the charts as Frank swallows Bob's moans, and increases the speed and pressure of his hand.

Bob is too incoherent to do anything more than breathe erratically, and concentrate on not coming too quickly. "Bed," he manages to choke out finally, while helping to shuffle them in the direction of the closest one. They break contact only long enough to get comfortable, which consists of Bob laying flat on his back, with Frank sprawled out on top of him.

Frank is sucking hard at Bob's neck, and there will undoubtedly be a bruise tomorrow, but Bob doesn't mind. He likes being marked by Frank, and tilts his head to give him further access. "Want you ... so fucking much," Frank is whimpering against Bob's throat, as he rolls his hips and forces their erections together again.

"Oh fuck, Frankie," Bob grunts, as Frank repeats the motion, and bites at the sensitive skin just behind Bob's ear. That's about when Bob's brain checks out completely. Before he can even register what's happening, he's coming in hot bursts against Frank's stomach, and groaning in embarrassment. Frank is sweet though, and doesn't even seem to mind that Bob has no stamina whatsoever tonight.

"That's it; come for me," Frank whispers soothingly, as he reaches between them and rubs Bob slowly through his orgasm. The added friction intensifies the sensation about a thousand percent, which is proven by the writhing, incoherent mass of sweaty drummer, pinned beneath Frank.

So much for not coming too quickly. Bob can't help it though; he's still fairly inebriated and he's lucky he didn't explode the second Frank touched his dick. Bob can always find the bright side, no matter what the situation. "Fuck," he mutters, as he covers his face with his hands. He did not just come all over himself like a thirteen-year-old.

"Mmm, I'm all for that," Frank winks, once he pries Bob's fingers away. Bob's cheeks are pretty close to being on actual fire, but Frank is immediately able to soothe the burn. "You're so fuckin' hot, you know that? Jesus. Just hearing how bad you want me ... the sounds you make ... nnnghhhh," he trails off as he bites at Bob's lip ring, and slips his tongue deep into Bob's mouth again. "I'm so. Fucking. Hard for you," he pants, once the need for oxygen becomes too great to ignore. Each word is punctuated by the warm slide of Frank's mouth against Bob's, which then melts into yet another volcanic kiss.

A few more minutes of that, and Bob is already hard again. This is a discovery that Frank makes all on his own, when Bob's dick presses sharply into his stomach. Frank gasps loudly at the contact, and then drags his lips up Bob's neck, mouthing obscenities on the ascent. "I want to fuck you," he purrs low and sexy against Bob's ear, as he reaches between them to curl his fingers around Bob's dick again.

And okay, Frank wants to fuck him? Admittedly, Bob wasn't expecting that, but one of the best things about Frank is that he's always full of surprises.

"Do you want me to?" Frank murmurs against Bob's neck this time, as he jerks him slowly. "You can fuck me, if you want," he offers alternately, while kissing his way down Bob's neck, and across his collar bone.

"N-no, it's okay ... I mean, you can ...," Bob stammers, as he fights to regain some sort of composure. Frank Iero wants to fuck him. Frank Iero wants to fuck him; Bob. It's too much. Bob's brain is undergoing it's second meltdown of the evening as Frank releases his dick, and sits up to decipher what Bob is trying to say.

"Are your sure?" he asks, while planting a thigh on either side of Bob's waist, and reaching down to push the hair out of his friend's eyes. "If you don't want me to, it's okay," Frank assures, as his voice helps to calm Bob's frayed nerves.

"I want you to," Bob smiles shakily, as he rubs at Frank's thighs. "It's just that ... well, you'd be my first, technically. Not that it's a big deal or anything. I mean, I'm not a virgin," he snorts, while Frank peppers kisses along his jawline. "I've just never been on the receiving end," he finishes with a heavy sigh, as Frank smiles down at him.

"What?" Bob is starting to feel a bit unnerved since Frank's not saying anything. Just smiling.

"You want me to be your first?" Frank is honored, really, but he's not dorky enough to actually admit that.

"Yeah," Bob confirms, as he wonders when exactly he became thirteen again. He can feel the blush warming his face, and he's admittedly a little nervous. He's had his fair share of women, and okay, only a couple of men, but nothing like this; nothing like Frank, and oh God, Bob wants to be fucked by the beautiful boy staring down at him. "Just go slow, okay? And um," Bob bites his lip, as he tries to envision the contents of his suitcase. "Please tell me you have lube."

Frank doesn't have any lube. He favors using it when he jerks off, but he didn't even think to pack any. Mikey probably has some though; Frank tells Bob as much, as he hops up and rifles through Mikey's bag of toiletries. What he doesn't volunteer is why he knows this, and hopes that Bob doesn't ask.

Bob doesn't. He really and truly does not want to know, and even if he did, his first time with Frank certainly isn't the moment to bring it up. Honestly, he's just grateful that Mikey is their resident boy scout. In about thirty seconds flat, Frank is bouncing back onto the bed, waving the lube around like a trophy. With that, he's also produced a condom. A purple condom, granted, but a functioning piece of latex nonetheless. Once he's settled between Bob's legs again, Frank quickly preps himself. He can feel Bob's eyes on him as he rolls the condom on, and then it's his turn to blush.

Bob is bigger than Frank is, but Frank has no problem making this work. He starts out by rubbing at Bob's thighs to nudge them apart, and then decides that the only way to do this and still make it good, is from behind. The original plan was to hook one of Bob's legs over his shoulder, but given their height differences, that's not going to work. It's okay; Frank has a new plan. He's completely unfazed as he gets Bob to roll over for him, and spreads his thighs.

That's about when the true weight of the situation hits home. He is about to fuck Bob Bryar. Frank doesn't usually fuck people; he prefers it the other way around. However, the idea of having complete control here turns him on like a switch.

"Tell me if you want me to stop, okay?" Frank whispers against the softness of Bob's back, as he gets up onto his knees, and rubs at Bob's ample hips. They're smooth under his calloused fingers, and Frank can feel Bob shaking.

"Okay," Bob nods, though Frank wishes he could see his face right now. That's the only downside to all this; Frank won't be able to look into Bob's eyes, or kiss him while he makes him come. On the upside, the night is still young, and Frank is very grateful that he took an afternoon nap.

"I'm gonna get you wet first okay?" Frank says, while kissing down the small of Bob's back, as he spreads him open with both hands. Bob has barely enough time to think about what that could possibly mean before he feels Frank's tongue sliding down the crack of his ass.

Oh, holy motherfuck. Bob is pretty sure he's going to have a heart attack before this is all over. Regardless of any and all past sexual encounters, he has never experienced anything like this. Frank's got him on his hands and knees, legs spread wide, and he's slipping his tongue into him, which is the most mind-boggling thing of all. Bob has never had anything inside his ass, much less a tongue, and it's even better than he's ever imagined it could be. Not even the filthiest of porn could have prepared him for the reality of just how amazing this could feel. Admittedly, up until thirty seconds ago, he didn't even realize how bad he wanted Frank's tongue inside him. Yet there it is, slow, and searching, as Frank holds his hips steady.

"Oh, fuuuuuuck," Bob whimpers, while clawing at the flimsy motel sheets. "Jesus, Frankie," he pants, rocking slowly and grinding back against Frank's mouth. When Frank pushes his tongue deeper, he licks up at just the right angle, and manages to hit Bob's prostate. He knows he's found it when Bob's hips jerk, and his thighs tense.

"Feel good?" Frank asks, when he pulls out so that he can check in with Bob. He wants this to be as good as first times can possibly go, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. His own first time was quick and rough, and lacked any kind of preparation whatsoever. It was a learning experience if nothing else, and Frank would never let Bob suffer through something like that.

All Bob can do is nod, as the loss of contact radiates unpleasantly throughout his entire body. He needs more, though. Frank touched something inside of him that Bob never even knew was in there. Like a switch being flipped, only Bob desperately needs to feel it again.

"Okay, now I'm gonna use my fingers," Frank warns, as he quickly lubes up the index and middle finger of his right hand. He starts slow, and presses his index finger into Bob, as Bob's muscles begin tightening around him. No matter how small it is, a finger will always be more invasive than a tongue, so Frank makes sure to go excruciatingly slow. "Relax," he whispers, while using his free hand to rub Bob's back. "You okay?" he asks a minute later when Bob's breathing begins to regulate.

"Yeah, I'm good," Bob promises, while locking his wrists, and gripping the sheets even tighter. "You can use another finger," he groans, as his desperation increases. He needs to be filled up and fucked hard, but the preparation is slow and exquisitely torturous.

At Bob's request, Frank adds a second finger, and pulls out just long enough to align them properly, before corkscrewing them and pressing them deeper. It's not enough though, Bob thinks, because Frank isn't hitting that spot again. The stretch feels a lot better than Bob feared it would, and the burn only lasts a couple of minutes. The entire experience isn't quite as foreign as he originally thought it would be, but Bob still needs more.

"Nnnnnghh .... Frankie, please," he begs, as he grinds back against Frank's hand. "I'm ready," he mumbles, as he bites down on his own lip to keep from screaming. Frank has found his prostate again, and he's rubbing it slowly. Bob's entire body spasms around Frank's fingers, as he reaches between his legs to jerk his leaking dick. "Frank, fuck me already," he demands, and gasps sharply when Frank withdraws his fingers.

"You're so fucking beautiful when you beg," Frank hisses, while leaning in to bite the back of Bob's thigh. "It's going to hurt for a second, but I promise it'll feel really good soon," Frank assures, as he spreads another generous layer of lube onto his dick, and uses his left hand to hold Bob open. With his right, he slowly guides his cock into Bob, while Bob sucks in his breath again. Frank wasn't kidding about the pain. Frank also has a rather sizable cock, and it causes double the stretch that Frank's fingers did, but Bob takes it. He takes inch by beautiful inch, until Frank is buried deep in his ass, and dragging his nails up Bob's thighs.

The words and sounds that spill from Bob's lips aren't even coherent at this point, but the pain is finally starting to melt into a pleasure that Bob never even knew existed. "Harder," he begs, when he thinks he's finally ready for it. Frank wastes no time appeasing him, as he squeezes Bob's hips and quickens his pace.

"Keep touching yourself for me," Frank insists, as he grinds his hips against Bob's ass, and oh ... ohhhh. When he angles just right and presses deeply, the sound he's rewarded with is better than any gift Frank's ever been given before.

"Holymotherfuckingshit," Bob shouts, while pumping his dick faster, and arching back to meet every single one of Frank's thrusts. "So fucking close," he whispers this time, as he squeezes his cock, and wills himself to hold out just a little bit longer. "Harder," he grunts again, as Frank's cock becomes a complete blur. His hips are snapping with each thrust now, and oh God, Bob needs to fucking come already.

In the seconds that follow, Frank is pounding Bob's ass so hard that he's afraid Bob might not be able to sit on it for at least a week, but it'll be worth it. Once Frank locates Bob's prostate with his cock, he makes sure that every thrust hits right where it counts. His hips have reached maximum velocity now, and he fucks Bob hard and fast, until Bob is shouting Frank's name, and jerking his dick until he fucking explodes.

The one hand holding him up finally gives out, as Bob pitches forward, and screams into the pillows. The hand on his dick doesn't relent though, as he rides out the orgasm with Frank still buried deep inside him.

Frank manages to get in a couple more thrusts, before he's coming in frantic tandem, and scraping sharply at Bob's hips. He presses a trail of careful kisses up Bob's spine, and then slowly eases out of him before collapsing in a spent heap at his side. He scoots up enough so that he can wrap an arm around Bob, and plant soft kisses along the curve of his shoulder.

It's a full two minutes before either of them speak, because Bob's not sure he remembers how, and Frank is reduced to an exhausted silence. Bob is also not entirely sure that his ass isn't broken, but it's a small price to pay for pleasure that intense.

"Wow." Bob is the first to break the silence, as he flips over, and pulls Frank into his arms. "That was fucking incredible," he says, his words ghosting over Frank's forehead as he kisses it gently. It's completely chaste, especially when compared to everything else they've just done, but Bob doen't care. Frank is probably thinking the same thing, because suddenly he breaks out into another one of his infamous giggle-fits.

"What?" Frank's laughter is infectious, and has Bob laughing right along with him, even though he's not sure what's so funny.

"We just totally had sex," Frank explains, as if this were some sort of breaking news bulletin. Frank Iero fucked Bob Bryar; it would make a catchy CNN headline, if Bob wouldn't die from the shock alone.

"Is that what we did?" Bob teases, as he tips Frank's face up and kisses him softly. "I thought that was just you wreaking havoc on my ass."

"That too," Frank snorts, and scoots closer. "But it was okay?" he asks timidly, as he stifles a yawn.

"Babe, it was fucking amazing," Bob says pointedly, and stiffens when he realizes his mistake. Shit.

"Did you just call me babe?"

"I did no such thing," Bob says, shaking his head as he reaches for the musty motel blanket, and pulls it over them.

"Because it would be okay if you did," Frank adds, as he lays his head against Bob's chest.

"Okay, babe," Bob smiles against Frank's hair, and rubs his back gently.

"Promise me something," Frank says suddenly, while pulling back so he can gauge Bob's reaction.


"Promise me me things won't get weird between us."

Ever since Frank started having feelings for Bob, that very thought has plagued him. He's never been quite sure when or even if they'd ever get togeter, but a part of him always thought it might end up happening exactly the way it just did: too much alcohol, and too little inhibition.

"I promise," Bob smiles like he's just won the lottery. He has, in a way. Except his winnings are in the form of the tiny little rhythm guitarist that's curled up in his arms.

"Will you still want me in the morning? Or was all this just the rum talking?" Frank's eyes are hopeful, as he glides his fingers through Bob's cropped hair.

"Oh, I'll definitely still want you," Bob nods, as he leans forward and kisses Frank sweetly. Because I love you, his heart adds, but Bob leaves that part out.

For now.

  • Well, if you have to be awake, at least you're being productive. :-) I love your sexy, schmoopy stuff. XOXO

    (Now you need to write Clay/Mikey....BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA)
    • Aww thank you Mary!!! :D

      Ps - don't knock the Clay/Mikey. You know I'm just screwed up enough to do it! (That, and you know me too well, because you know I'm dying to slash Clay up now!! I can't help loving that geeky kid!)


      I always look forward to your comments, doll. Thank you!! ♥ Ps--I finished something else last night too, but I'm going to wait until tonight before I post it. :) It doesn't involve Clay, but it's definitely a pairing you probably won't be expecting from me!

  • I love you, thank you!
    I'm ill and can't sleep and needed something to cheer me up, so this really helped :)

    it was cute and how and :D
  • I swear to God, your writing is magic (since one of your fics was the first Frank/Bob I ever read, and now they're one of my favourite pairings).

    This seriously cheered me up after such a terrible day.

    • Awwwwwwwww!! Thank you SO much! ♥ You have no idea what that means to me, and I appreciate your comments so much! ♥ I'm sorry you had a bad day, but I'm really glad that I could help make it better. :D There's plenty more Frank/Bob on the way, but occasionally I do write other pairings, and there will be some of those too soon. :D

  • wow
    *is speechless*
    FUCK that was amazing
    it was so cute when they were hugging outside and afterwards and the sex was just HOTT
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  • Amazing
    • Aww thank you SO much!! :) And...OMG. *squees at your icon* Did you make that???? It's so perfect!! :) It matches my header for this Lj. I just happened to change my layout today in fact.

      Thank you for the lovely comment. :D ♥
  • ......................... =O..... < See this face? This is the face of someone who is literally drooling over the side of her bed right now, trying not to faint XD XD

    OMFG. I'm seriously LOST for words, completely. First of all, the thing I most loved about this was the romantic walk in the rain and snuggling on the bench!! *MELTS* That was just too perfect to even....GAH. XD I know you see it in movies and stuff, but it was just SO easy to picture them there together, in the rain, snuggling and talking ♥ So yeah...major love there! <333

    The second thing? Holy fuck. You were worried about all your slash scenes sounding the same? After that!? Girl, I can't even breathe right now! XD XD SRSLY. The slash part of my brain (of which is about 90% or more, may I add) is just shut down with hotness. I look like a dribbling homeless person right now! XD Seriously babe, I loved this! Even more than the two last week, because it was just so romantic and hot and perfect and, and... *EXPLODES*

    I'm going to spam you with quotes now to avoid further messy instances of slash related death XD!

    "How come you get your own room?" Frank whines, though he accepts the key happily, before reaching under the seat to collect the bottle of rum.

    "I'm paying."

    XD *DIES* I randomly found that so funny. Oh Brian ♥

    And omg, I can't even begin to explain how much I loved the Mikey parts! *FLAILS* and just Mikey in general ♥ Seriously, I could flail all day but this:

    "Coffee?" Mikey hops off the bed so fast, that the motion causes Frank to roll off as well.

    Was especially adorable! <333 :D Goin' to get coffeeeee!

    And this:

    Cool. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Mikey smirks, as he flashes them a dazzling smile.

    "That doesn't leave a very big margin," Bob points out, and Frank dissolves into a fit of giggles.


    "You are what you eat! Now get the fuck out; you're letting all the heat in," Frank shouts, as Mikey flips him off, and follows Ray out the door.

    lkebnrjgksjhjn *DIES* HELL YES XD We all know who's...chicken...Mikey eats! *gigglefits* <33333

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    "You're so fucking beautiful when you beg," Frank hisses, while leaning in to bite the back of Bob's thigh. "It's going to hurt for a second, but I promise it'll feel really good soon," Frank assures, as he spreads another generous layer of lube onto his dick, and uses his left hand to hold Bob open. With his right, he slowly guides his cock into Bob, while Bob sucks in his breath again.

    *FLOPS* HOTTEST. SEX. EVER. We need more slash like yours on here! <3333333

    I can't even begin to know where to finish here, except to reiterate: HOLY MOTHER OF GERARD WAY *faints* HOT.

    I seriously loved this to DEATH babe. Just the whole thing and how unique it was, and the humour and the HOT and GUH. I'm just speechless XD

    Perfectly done and AWESOME as always love!! I'm definitely looking forward to more of your slash! *LOVES INSANELY* :D :D

    ♥ ♥ ♥

    • *CLAPPY HANDS* Awwwwwww thank you, love!!! :D :D I'm SO glad you liked it! You always leave me the most incredible reviews, and my comments pale in comparison. XD. This one was especially fun to write because of snuggly rain thing, and a;lskdjf;alsdkf it makes my happy little Frank/Bob loving heart happy that you like it so much! I worked really hard on this one, and tried to make it a bit different from everything else I've written. Especially since it's set back in the Revenge-era. :)

      *HUGS TIGHT* Thank you SO much, Lynnieface!!! You know how much I live for fic reviews, so yours always mean so much to me!!!

      PS: "IT'S SHOOTIN' TIME!!!" XD Sorry, I just thought about that because someone on my f-list has an icon of Gerard in that damn plaid shirt, and that got me thinking about him playing with his uh ... rifle. XD.

      *LOVES!* :)
      • Awwww, it's obvious from all your writing that you work really hard babe :D <3333 And we love it!!

        *HUGS BACK* And you're welcome darling! The praise is totally deserved :) :)

        *DIES* XD "It's shootin' time!" I love Gee's plaid shirt! *SNUGGLES HIM* ♥ And that him and Adam are now obviously sharing a wardrobe! And uh yes....his....rifle *coughMIKEYWAY'Scough* XD WIN.


  • It's been a while since I've read in this community, but I'm damn glad I did today because Bob/Frank is great and this story was amazing. <3
  • ... OH.... MY.... BOB....




    I LOVE YOU! <3333

    (Forgive the caps abuse!)
    • XD XD XD *CLAPPY HANDS* THANK YOU BABY!!! :D :D THIS is the fic I've been literally dying for you to read. XD. I'm so proud of it!! :D But it means the world to me that you like it so much!! :D :D <333333333


      (Hasta el Final!!! <3333333)

  • ooooohhh me really liked this one!!! =D it was really hot, and i have myself a thing for rain xD so it really worked on the hotness of it all =)

    really nice redaction!, and mikey the boy scout was really good xD
    • Thank youuuuu!!! :D :D :D Hey, what's your name? You are awesome! :D And I'm Angie, by the way. :)
      • awww, thanks!! =D you're pretty awesome too ^^
        my name's Nadia, my nickname's Paddie, but you can call me whatever you want, really lol make your own nickname if you want as well! xDD

        you're really cool, i'd so love to chat, if that's ok with you ^^ you have msn?
        • Thanks Paddie! I like that name :)

          And sure, I have MSN! The address to add me by is: shmexy_tre@yahoo.com I'm not on all that often but I'd definitely love to chat! :D Ps, just fyi, my display name comes up as "Bob" XD :D I'm a definite Bob fangirl :)
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