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Give 'Em Hell, Kid.


I wouldn't front the scene if you paid me

Bob (favorite)

So give me all your poison, and give me all your pills. And give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill.You're running after something that you'll never kill. If this is what you want, then fire at will.


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Bob (favorite)
Title: Frankology [Standalone]
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Frank Iero
POV: Third
Rating: G, for fluff and cuteness!
Summary: There isn't anything Bob won't do for Frank.
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure this isn't fiction, but I have no proof. Yet! (Don't sue me though; I made this up.)
Author Notes: Written for my darling evilcake :) ♥



1. The intense study of Frank Iero


To say that Bob Bryar is observant, would be an understatement. He may not be the most vocal member of the band, but that doesn't mean he's not always paying close attention to even the most insignificant details. Especially where Frank Iero is concerned.

"We're out of Pop Tarts," Frank scowls, while tipping the empty box and hoping for a miracle. "Again." Why are they always out of pop tarts?

Sighing softly, Bob carefully marks the page in the book he's been reading, and treks towards their kitchen. He can't help but smile though, as he watches Frank shred the empty Pop Tart box with heavy traces of vengeance.

"Pay close attention; I know a trick," Bob teases, while carefully moving Frank aside, and sliding their pantry open. There, like a beacon of hope and glory, are several boxes of Frank's beloved snack. "You were saying?" Bob tries to act smug, but his lips melt into a soft smile.

"Where did these come from?" Frank regards the boxes cautiously, as if he's afraid they're all just a cruel illusion.

"Grocery store?" Bob shrugs, as if this should be the most obvious answer. Though it wouldn't surprise him if Frank actually believed in things like elves or mysterious Pop Tart fairies. That's Frank, for you.

"Could you be any more amazing?" Frank grins wildly, while hopping up onto the counter and wrapping his arms around Bob's neck. Naturally Bob blushes a deep scarlet, but he doesn't reply. He just pulls Frank closer, and gives a noncommittal grunt. It's simple really; Bob would do absolutely anything for Frank.

"Keep this up Bryar, and you might just make me fall madly in love with you," Frank whispers, low and sexy against Bob's mouth, while reaching out to rub the back of Bob's neck.

"Liar. You're already in love with me," Bob winks, before sliding his lips against Frank's and kissing him slowly. The kiss doesn't last long, but it's certainly enough to knock the breath right out of both of them. Pulling back, Bob kisses the tip of Frank's nose, which earns him a very precious little squeak from his boyfriend. With a triumphant laugh, Bob kisses Frank once more before muttering: "now, eat your fucking Pop Tarts, so I can finish my book."

Ordinarily Frank would pout and protest, but one, he knows Bob is only teasing, and two, HE HAS POP TARTS AGAIN. He also, notably, has the best boyfriend in the whole wide world, and he definitely plans to lavish Bob with his undying gratitude. Oh yes.


"Bob?" Frank asks a while later, as he climbs onto Bob's lap, and effectively sends Bob's book sailing to the floor.

"Frankenstein?" Bob answers, with only a small trace of annoyance as he shifts to make more space, and pulls Frank closer.

"Would you tell me a story?" Frank is hopeful as he curls up in Bob's arms and settles comfortably. He's had his fill of Pop Tarts, and now it's time for a nap. It's an afternoon ritual that Bob has grown quite accustomed to, so protesting would be futile. Not that he would protest anyway.

"Sure, what kind of story do you want?"

"A nice one. Maybe something magical; that would be pretty cool," Frank mumbles against Bob's neck, and kisses it gently.

Bob Bryar is admittedly not the world's greatest story teller, but that doesn't stop him from launching into an exuberant fairytale involving dragons, wizards, and dark magic. The tale is cut short though, because Frank is asleep in minutes, and snoring softly against Bob's ear.

Carefully, Bob reclines the chair they're sitting in, and he pulls Frank against his chest. As he lays there listening to the sound of Frank's even breathing, Bob realizes that he's probably never going to finish his book. That's okay he thinks, as he rubs Frank's back and closes his eyes.

This is infinitely better.

  • *coughs up fluff*

    Awwww, that's so cute! Boy Scout Bob, always prepared! Frank is such a little kid. But he doesn't even annoy Bob, which is darling.
    • Thank you!!! :D I'm glad you liked it. On the contrary, Frank does annoy Bob sometimes, but Bob loves him too much to let it get to him. XD :)
  • (no subject) -


    AND AWWWWW IT'S SO CUTE! XD XD :D <333333 I love a good fluff! And the way Bob takes care of his little Frankenstein :D :D XD And Frank can't stop squeaking and making clappy!hands in my head XD Oh and:

    Though it wouldn't surprise him if Frank actually believed in things like elves or mysterious Pop Tart fairies
    Frank totally does. XD XD

    • Awww thanks baby!!!!!! :D *CLAPPY HANDS* I'm so glad you like it!! Though randomly, I -do- need to write more. XD When I was posting this, I realized that ... um ... the last time I posted was exactly 1 year ago. Oops. XD XD

      See? I knew Frank probably believed in Pop Tart fairies XD (and elves, too! XD)

      I LOVE YOU TOO, BABY! And you're totally welcome, my love :D ♥ ♥ ♥ *KISSES* :D

      • YOU TOTALLY DO! XD I love your fics! :D :D <33333

        AND HE TOTALLY DOES! XD XD Pop Tart fairies named Bob. XD

  • Thanks! I'm in need of lots and lots of fluff and cuteness and happiness right now. Want to read these kind of fics nonstop and forget reality. Do you think I can do that?

    AWWWWWWW cute childish annoying Frankie and his patient and loving Bob! :D
    • Want to read these kind of fics nonstop and forget reality. Do you think I can do that?

      I'm right there with you! :) I wish I could do the same.

      And thank you!!!! :D I'm so glad you like the fic. Aww, your Bob icon makes me happy. *pets Bob*

      AWWWWWWW cute childish annoying Frankie and his patient and loving Bob!

      That very accurately describes their entire relationship in one sentence!! XD :)
  • This was possibly the cutest story I've ever read. And the fact that it's Bob/Frank just makes it 100000x better.

    This was so them, I mean, it's Bob, so it makes complete sense that he'd prefer little details like making sure Frank has Pop Tarts over sappy grand gestures. And it's Frank, so of course the way to his heart is Pop Tarts and after-snack stories about dragons and magic.

    I adore them together, and I adore this fic. ♥

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