Give 'Em Hell, Kid.

The Murder Scene

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Jinx Removing
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Hello all. :)

It seems like you've stumbled across my fanfiction journal. I do hope you enjoy your stay, but just keep in mind, there is only one simple rule: everyone play nice. That's it. You should also be forewarned that I'm a slash writer and the only kind of fanfiction you'll be reading in this journal is that of homosexual nature. And mainly RPS (real person slash) between the members of my favorite bands. (If any of this offends you so far, you are definitely in the wrong place.)

That being said, you are now free to proceed. My journal is a happy place where all my beautiful fandom boys play nicely (or sometimes roughly) with each other.

Have fun!

(PS: I occasionally might make a personal post in here, but for the most part, it's all just fanfiction. If you'd rather be a part of my personal Lj - just leave me a comment and let me know.)

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